Footrest chair

Model 7416.048

Footrest chair

Model 7416.048

Wherever furniture is subject to particularly heavy use, we rely on PAGHOLZ®. During production, thin layers of wood veneer are pressed into the desired shape under heat with up to 2,000 tons of pressure. As a result, our PAGHOLZ® shells, despite their slim cross-section, are extremely robust and resistant: scratch and wear resistant, impact and break resistant, stain and abrasion resistant, lightfast, resistant to chemicals, flame retardant and self-extinguishing.


  • Handle hole
  • Chair frame chrome plated
  • Felt floor protectors


  • PAGHOLZ® from sustainable forestry
  • Optionally with grip hole, round or oval, modern and practical for carrying
  • Tilt protection due to special floor protectors
  • Tool-free adjustment of the footrest is child's play with just one hand
  • PAGHOLZ® is extremely scratch and wear resistant, impact and break resistant, resistant to staining and abrasion as well as resistant to embers and chemicals.
  • Ergonomically and orthopedically adapted, waisted shell shape for all ISO sizes from 2-7
  • Stackable up to 3 chairs

Standard version

PAGHOLZ® waisted shell, with ergonomic three-dimensional shell shape. Surface melamine coated and pore sealed with a scratch, impact and abrasion resistant finish created in the pressing process. Seat and back surface with pressed-in texture.

Cantilever frame, round tube: 0.87"/0.10", epoxy coated. Footrest solid core 0.47", easy adjustment by one-hand operation. With plastic floor protector.

For table height ISO 5 / 27.95".

Load capacity

276 lb


FEMB level:2017 (Level 3)

DIN EN 1729-1, DIN EN 1729-2

DIN EN 16139 


Size 1-4
Chair width 19.29 "
Chair height 31.10 "
Seat height 10.24-14.96 "
Chair depth 21.26 "
Stackability 3 pcs.
Weight 13 lb