Training is the foundation of your future.

Are you about to embark on a new chapter in your life and looking for the right start to your career? A2S offers you various opportunities.


A2S offers you various apprenticeships in the commercial and technical fields. During your training, you will find out which area is your personal strength and what you would like to specialise in after your training.

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Dual study program

Is a pure degree programme too theoretical for you? Combine theory and practice as part of a dual study programme. After this training programme, you will not only have an apprenticeship and a degree in your pocket, you will also get to know the world of work and be able to apply the course content directly in practice.

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Would you like to find out which apprenticeship is right for you or do you want to supplement your pocket money during the holidays? Try out the different areas at A2S during an internship or work with us during your holidays as part of the A2S holiday job.

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What awaits you

As part of the A2S talent workshop, we want to combine different training professions and think outside the box together. We achieve this, for example, through joint workshops and annual, cross-departmental trainee projects "From quotation preparation to production and delivery".

During your A2S training you can expect:

  • Targeted, varied and comprehensive training
  • Professional exam preparation
  • Trainee workshops on various topics
  • Teambuilding Events
  • 30 days of holiday per year
  • Holiday pay
  • Monthly travel allowance
  • Attractive prevention programmes
  • Company health promotion
  • Price advantages in various brand shops
  • Anniversaries and gifts for birthdays and company anniversaries
  • Train connection in the immediate vicinity of the company premises
  • Regular starter breakfasts

How do I apply correctly?

Are you about to graduate or do you already have it in your pocket and now have to apply for a job for the first time? But because you haven't had much to do with it before, you don't quite know how best to go about it?

Don't worry, you're not alone. In our helpful trainee guide, we show you how to structure your application correctly and how to prepare for your first interview in a relaxed manner.