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The mobile work island for active learning

In order to understand our complex world and shape it sustainably, learners need future skills such as creativity, communication and collaboration in addition to specialised knowledge. Active forms of learning such as research-based and cooperative learning are therefore required in the classroom, which anchor both complex learning content and future skills in an exciting way. In many educational institutions, there is not enough space and hardly any suitable furniture to help learners move from thinking to doing.

FLEXLAB® brings a mobile experience space to primary and secondary schools. Exactly where it is needed, it turns learning into a creative and collaborative experience - in a way that suits the school system, education plan or teachers and learners.

Arbeitstisch FLEXLAB von ASS-Einrichtungssysteme GmbH im Lernraum

play and fun for school starters

Das FLEXLAB® rolls active and practice-orientated learning from kindergarten directly into primary school and thus provides an easy introduction to the complex world of knowledge of our time. In a simultaneously manageable and stimulating learning environment, skills such as visualisation, presentation and research can be promoted even with the youngest children while they are learning writing and arithmetic.


Being able to analyse complex topics, discuss findings and develop innovative solutions are future skills that learners can acquire by using the FLEXLAB® at secondary and tertiary level in a varied and enjoyable way. Because the FLEXLAB® can be used as a group island for business games, design thinking workshops or eduScrum learning projects, for example. As a media counter or focus island, it also creates a retreat for concentrated individual or partner work.

Schülerin tüftelt an einem selbstgebauten Modell.


Arbeitstisch FLEXLAB® von ASS-Einrichtungssysteme GmbH im Lernraum für Modellbau und Brainstorming.

The FLEXLAB®-Work island invites you to brainstorm and build

With the FLEXLAB® we have the opportunity to realise individual work and also team or group work in other places outside and inside the classroom.

Mr Steppuhn, Erich-Gutenberg-Berufskolleg Cologne

Opening of classrooms and specialist rooms

In addition to the versatility of the various attachments, the special power of the FLEXLAB® the mobility of the compact worktable, which enables varied learning settings outside the classroom.

In this way, the FLEXLAB® also awakens creativity and appreciative collaboration among learners in open self-learning centres or makerspaces, opens up potential special areas such as the assembly hall or nature and opens up further possibilities for in-depth study in working groups, the whole day, during theme weeks or project days. And between puzzling, working and discussing, the stools are also a cosy place to sit during breaks.

Die mobile Lerninsel FLEXLAB® von ASS-Einrichtungssysteme GmbH wird vom Klassenraum in den Flur geschoben.

Advantages of the flexible worktable

  • Enables learning settings with active forms of learning and thus promotes the future skills of creativity, communication and collaboration in particular
  • Facilitates quick changes between different teaching methods
  • Flexible use in learning spaces at primary, secondary and tertiary level, e.g. in classrooms, self-learning centres, all-day schools and makerspaces
  • In addition to the science classroom, smaller experiments can also take place outside
  • Encourages flexible learning while standing or sitting
  • Space-saving and neat stowage of the stools during transport
  • All materials ready to hand thanks to the caddy as a means of transport and storage location
  • Power supply via sockets and USB ports on the table