Flexibles Lernmodell

Anything but boring lesson.

Lessons can be both challenging and interesting, and a full day lessons can take a toll on your furniture, as much as it does the students and staff.

How can you make certain that your students maintain focus and attention, throughout the long school day? Having them comfortably working in a chair that has thought of everything: FLEX. Our flexible 3D frame, and ergonomic seat shape, keep back muscles moving and students on task.

The integrated air channels ensure that your students don’t get overheated. And FLEX's unique shape and surface structure, allow for numerous relaxed seating postures.

Got especially active students?

We also offer a reinforced FLEX, perfect for heavy loads.

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Margareta Biegert-Simm

"We had big plans for the modernization of the classrooms in our old school, built in 1958. A2S advised and looked after us as we fitted out attractive learning spaces for modern teaching methods."

Margareta Biegert-Simm, Assistant school management at the Erasmus-Grasser High school in Munich

You have to sit on FLEX to understand it.

Schulmöbel Stuhl Flex
Chair FLEX with floorsafe® floor protectors

FLEX doesn’t just help focus your students, it is also extremely safe, thanks to our floorsafe® floor protectors. It wont slip, even when tipping or rocking!
And cleaning FLEX's seat is child’s play. With a sealed seat surface, liquids can’t penetrate, making spills quick and easy to remove.

Picture: Model 7853 FLEX-Z with floorsafe® floor protectors: they prevent indentations on the floor and give the chair a secure grip even when tilted.

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Classroom table 7280+ the flexible four-legger.

Schulmöbel, Flexibler, stapelbarer Rolltisch
classroom table with sturdy casters


An intelligent chair naturally needs a table that’s equally impressive: our especially lightweight table on castors does not only delight students here in the Erasmus-Grasser High School in Munich. It can be quickly moved around, matching the classroom layout with the lessons being taught - as flexible and spontaneous as needed!

Our table is also a real space-saver, as it can be stacked up to 5 tables high.
Flush laser edging and A2S's scratch-resistant, low-glare surfaces ensure long life. Even our pracitical bag hooks were considered. To top it all off, we offer our ingenious sliding storage boxes as well.

Picture: Modell 7280+ classroom table with tabletop in Woodmark®, maple finish, 2' 3.56" x 1' 9.65" and one Tidy-Box. The frame made from powder-coated round tubing is fitted with stacking ridges and rubber pads as well as two integrated bag hooks and 2 fixed casters on the front legs.

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Who says that blackboards always have to be on the wall?

Schulmöbel, Flexibles Lernen - Abnehmbare Tafel
Multi-functional board elements

A2S didn’t invent the blackboard. But we did take it to a new level. Our concept one that teachers have been requesting for years, the A2S boards slide effortlessly in our rail system. They are built tough, to withstand years of wear and tear, yet light enough for a child to lift it and carry the board around the classroom.

A2S boards can be utilized for interactive group work at tables or on the floors, and then easily returned to the rails for presentation and group discussion.

Picture: Model 6814 multi-functional board elements with white and green metal surface for writing and all-round ASSODUR® edging.

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Play, build, sit, sort, tidy up, clutter crate.

Schulmöbel, Flexibles Lernen - Krimskramskiste
Clutter crate

Our colorful, functional clutter crates offer a new way to effectively store items in your early childhood classrooms. Built with a padded lid, we developed a product that turns storage into study, as it is both a space-saving seat, and play surface. The clutter crate also looks good when used as a wall shelf.

Picture: Modell 4070 Clutter crate as mobile stool with padded lid and casters.

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i Header flexibel Welsberg1 29


Our 7800 has become a beloved design classic, made from PAGHOLZ® – an almost indestructible material.

This chair's springy frame and comfortable seat, which distributes pressure evenly, create a relaxed atmosphere, and supports your students to keep them thinking and working longer. The frame also has integrated A2S floorsafe® chair feet that protect both the legs of the chair, and your floors, from scratches.

When a student rocks, floorsafe® will prevent our chair from tipping, unlike conventional chairs.

And the 7416.031 footrest chair enables children of all sizes to all sit comfortably around the same table. Developing new ideas together is easy, thanks to our chair's sophisticated ergonomics and practical footrest.


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ergonomischer Stuhl mit PAGHOLZ®-Schale
Model 7811 C-shape classroom chair with seat pan made from PAGHOLZ® in yellow Color wood.

Triangular table - a real all-rounder.

Schulmöbel, Flexibler, stapelbarer Rolltisch
Triangular tables with low-glare solid-core panel

Flexible space is key to building an environment where personal development and new ideas can thrive. You can rely on A2S furniture to provide your school with inspiring atmospheres and functional designs.

Our triangular table allows for a myriad of arrangements and set-ups. Since it is built on rugged casters, students of all sizes, can effortlessly help quickly reconfigure classrooms to align with the instruction. The low-glare tabletop, with its rounded edges, is a safety feature all teachers love.

Picture: Model 1003 / 1073 Triangular tables with low-glare tabletop, with a robust caster and 2 felt floor glides.

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Well organized means easily located.

Schulmöbel, Ordnungsregal mit 32 Tidy-Boxen
Rolling cabinet with 32 small tidy-boxes from recyclable plastic.

If rooms are to be used for different purposes, the furniture has to do it all . A particularly handy unit for multiple usage is our rolling cabinet. Use it as room divider, or mobile cabinet, and rooms can be easily and quickly restructured.

The 32 tidy-boxes offer individual places for each student - maintaining enough space for play in the classroom.

Picture: Model 4128.820 rolling cabinet with 32 small tidy-boxes from recyclable plastic.

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