Mehrzweckräume im Flur


Why not use school hallways for additional space? Our furniture helps to pass the time between lessons and makes socializing in this area much more enjoyable. And you‘ll be on the safe side too: our PAGHOLZ® furniture passes requirements for classification in the B1 fire safety category.


Stehtisch mit Hockern aus Pagholz
Bar table and bar stool

It’s great when the hallway doubles as a location for quiet chats.
Our sturdy PAGHOLZ® classic stools, with a matching bar table, create a perfect atmosphere and look.

Picture: Model 2006.080 Bar table with chrome-plated table frame and melamine-coated tabletop in pure white. Height: 2' 5.53"
Model 7899 Bar stool chrome-plated frame and with seat pan and footrest in PAGHOLZ® in Color wood gray.

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Lockers with cylindrical safety locks and replaceable plate cylinder core.

Optimal use of your available space is especially important within hallways. Our lockers help make the most of your space, by providing students enough storage for their belongings.
Thanks to our sturdy materials, and various safety locks, their rain-soaked clothes can be stored right alongside their books and valuables.

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Mehrzweckräume im Flur

Hidden places in the hallway.

Educational institutions seem to always be looking for a little extra space. And when faced with setting up full-day classes, many schools ponder the question: Where will we find the additional space?

In cooperation with teachers at the Justus-von-Liebig-School in Wiesbaden, facing precisely this challenge, we designed a piece of furniture that makes maximum use of the hallway. The locker wall unit is B1 compliant. The lockers can accommodate the personal belongings of the children. And the table alcoves provide room to work.

Enough place for everything / everyone!

Locker for 2 children

Each locker, shared by two children, has ample storage: our two Tidy-Boxes (1) with replaceable name label, provide plenty of room for small items that can be carried to the classroom. The shoe box (2) can easily be rolled out, but does not budge if a load is placed on it - e.g. a child climbing on it. This allows the smaller students the ability to reach the upper shelf (3). The sturdy coat racks (4) have sufficient hooks for jackets or bags.
Our new aluminum handle (5) does not present an obstacle along the fire escape route, and can be easily grasped from any height.

The lockable upper cabinet offers plenty of storage space for all kinds of teaching materials, and is easy to reach from the shoe boxes.

The joint-less A2S laser edges can handle wet clothes.

Work space for up to 4 students

The seating alcoves are fitted with two padded benches and a solid table. The B1 compliant cushion can be selected on the A2S color chart to match the color scheme of the building. The seating alcoves can accommodate up to 4 children for homework and group work or just playing.

Thanks to the flush-lasered edging, the furniture is built to last, and look great for a long time.

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