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The principal has something to say to you: "Welcome!"

Wouldn't it be great if the secretary in the office could deal with all those visitors, and still work undisturbed? The most important files are always within easy reach, while being safely stored. And when there‘s something really important to discuss, the small conference table invites confidential discussions with parents, students, and colleagues.

Frau Kneißl

 ‘We thought long and hard about good designs and concepts for our rooms. The ideas and solutions that the A2S adviser suggested were particularly helpful to us. It didn’t just save us planning time but also money.’

Regina Kneißl, Principal Bernhard-Mazillis School Neuburg/Donau

Easy on the eyes AND on the back.

Bürodrehstuhl WAVE
WAVE office swivel chair

Our PAGHOLZ® classic, Wave, combines design and function, with this most comfortable classic!
The quilted upholstery provides excellent ventilation, while also helping to prevent fatigue after sitting for long periods of time.
And with various covers in fabric or leather, our all-rounder can be adapted to your individual furnishings.

Picture: Model 9335 WAVE office swivel chair with soft genuine leather upholstery in black and seat shell with armrests in PAGHOLZ®, dark.

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Talk it over. In comfort.

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WAVE cantilever chair

The elegant cantilever chair made with steel tubing allows for easy movement in all directions when sitting. This ensures good circulation into the back muscles, letting you concentrate better in long meetings. With this model, choose from five fabrics as well as black and white natural leather to suit your personal taste and matching your room concept.

Picture: Model 7414 WAVE cantilever chair with seat pan in PAGHOLZ®, natural, light, with WAVE fabric upholstery in anthracite and chrome-plated tubing frame.

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Out of sight. But not out of mind.

Roll-front cabinet

The best place for all those documents you need on hand, but don’t want to see lying around at all the time: our roll-front cabinets. They keep everything dust-free and securely locked away – and, what’s especially good for small offices, you aren’t annoyed by doors getting in the way anymore.

Picture: Model 4234.830 roll-front cabinet with lockable, dust-proof shutters, combined with hinged door cabinets.

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