4-leg teacher table (59.06"x25.59")

Model 7059.902

4-leg teacher table (59.06"x25.59")

Model 7059.902


Pure white
Gray white
Polar gray
Tabletop ASSODUR® edge/finish combinations
D334 | 2340
Beech | Ocher
D033 | 1015
Maple | Ivory
U023 | 7037
Gray white | Gray


  • Felt floor protectors
  • Table top HPL glued
  • Table top finishes price group 2
  • Tabletop with ASSODUR® edge
  • Table top glued with solid wood edge glue-in crowned
  • Table top Multiplex, 0.79"


  • Table top with multilayer melamine resin coating and robust plastic edge
  • Optional tabletop with multilayer melamine resin coating and cast-on ASSODUR® edge, particularly abrasion and impact resistant
  • Optional multiplex tabletop with multilayer melamine resin coating, particularly dimensionally stable and resilient
  • Optional: melamine coated table top with solid wood edge, spherical glued-in edging
  • Including practical shelf under the table top
  • Base cabinet includes one shelf behind hinged door, lockable by means of security lock
  • Base unit includes pencil drawer and drawers with soft-closing mechanism and central locking system

Standard version

Tabletop, 3-layer chipboard (E1), melamine coated, highly abrasion-resistant, with 0.12" plastic edge, thickness: 0.98".
Note: Table height specifications refer to a tabletop thickness of 0.98".

Base unit, 3-sided panel with shelf and two lockable base units on left and right. Left base unit includes 1 shelf behind hinged door, right base unit includes pencil drawer 1 U, 1 drawer 2 U and 2 drawers 3 U: 3-layer chipboard (E1), melamine coated, with 0.04" and 0.08" plastic edge, thickness: 0.75". Hinged door with safety lock, drawers with central locking and soft closing mechanism.

4-leg base, sides in beech solid wood studs, semicircular: 2.36"/1.38". Frame in beech, natural lacquered: 2.95"/0.98". With plastic floor protectors.

Note: 1 height unit (HE) ≙ 2.09"


DIN EN 527-1, DIN EN 527-2, DIN EN 16121


Size 6
Table width 59.06 "
Table height 29.92 "
Table depth 25.59 "
Number of seats 1
Weight 169 lb