Pylon double sliding board, white steel (78.74"x59.06")

Model 6854311


Board surface
White steel


  • Extension of the pylons
  • Picture strip
  • Picture clamp
  • Blackboard eraser
  • Eraser Felt
  • Holder for whiteboard pens
  • Whiteboard pen
  • Magnets Ø 1.18"
  • Power magnets Ø 1.42"
  • Drawing tool set, 4 pieces
  • Drawing tool set, 4 pieces
  • Drawing tool set, 6 pieces


  • Maintenance-free and low-noise precision guidance on 8 ball-bearing polyamide rollers and metal springs with rubber buffer to stop the end position
  • Two writing surfaces one behind the other, can be moved between the pylons in a reversible manner
  • Marker tray for wall mounting included
  • Magnetic surface can be written on with whiteboard pens


With stable column guide for wall mounting. Writing surface enamelled and magnetic steel, glued with support plate, guided between the pylons. Edges with natural anodized aluminum profiles and rounded plastic corners. Edging glued watertight. Board includes marker tray.


DIN EN 14434, DIN EN 71-3

Technical specifications

Width 78.74 "
Height 59.06 "
Pylon height 106.30 "
No. of writing surfaces 2
Weight 485 lb
Version adjustable in height, wall mounted