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Who says that chalk and talk lessons are out?

Sometimes, when neither the classroom nor the topic at hand allow flexibility, the furniture needs to enable concentrated working.


7100 Skid-base chair
7100 Skid-base chair

Especially in somewhat smaller rooms, school furniture often has to withstand a lot. Good thing you can rely on our very sturdy all-rounders, tried and true for over 20 years now. Over time, we have continuously improved the original base model and adapted it to the needs of students – no wonder our 7100 chair with its C-shape frame has become one of the most popular chair models in Germany. 

Picture: Model 7100 Skid-base chair with seat and back made from Woodplac® laminate, beech finish with anti-slip nubs and frame in powder-coated oval tubing, chrome silver with A2S floor protectors.

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Perfect for small rooms.

Classroom table
Classroom table with beech decor panelling

This desks' space-saving design means it always looks good even in the smallest spaces and it combines well with our 7530+ classroom chair with its scratch-resistant surface. Even with narrow rows of chairs with very little space between them and the row behind, this combination provides a lot of legroom and easy access.
Thanks to the many choices of colours and especially scratch-resistant surfaces, our school furniture fits any environment in the school – and at a cost efficiency level that doesn’t take long to work out.

Picture: Modell 7530+ Classroom table with beechdecor panelling, beige ASSODUR® edging, 70x55 cm and C-shape frame made from powder-coated oval tubing, chrome silver with A2S floor protectors.

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Timeless design, perfect engineering. And loads of benefits.

Our furniture is designed to make students feel at ease despite the difficult or complicated work at hand. For this reason, we redesigned our line of PAGHOLZ® products to allow for a range of teaching methods.

For example, the CHANGE series chair allows students to comfortably sit reversed on the chair, straddling the backrest.

Stylish to the last detail.

chair and table CHANGE
chair and table CHANGE

Thanks to the lightweight frame, the tables can be effortlessly stacked or linked – and your classroom can be varied and changed again and again. Intelligent details such as our A2S floorsafe® floor protectors and the integrated pen rest on the tabletop make learning and working even more enjoyable.

Picture: Model 7802 classroom chair CHANGE with runner frame, natural Pagholz® seat pan and chrome-plated frame.
Model 7270+ classroom table CHANGE with natural Pagholz® tabletop, 90x55 cm and chrome-plated frame.

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The valet stand for schools

mobile caddy CHANGE
mobile CHANGE caddy

CHANGE Sideboard with raised aluminium corners and 4 rubberized, lockable castors.

  • smooth, lockable plastic shutters
  • lockable stationery pull-out and drawer
  • storage compartment and fully extendable shelf for laptops
  • top shelf in smooth aluminium look
  • carcase and back panel as per A2S colour chart
  • optional sides in magnetic whiteboard HPL
  • includes four-way power strip

Picture: Model 9124 mobile CHANGE Caddy modern construction with custom aluminium edge profiles.

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The sideboard - modern.

sideboard CHANGE
sideboard CHANGE

We know: you don’t always have all the space you might want. That’s why our furniture pieces are highly capable all-rounders that meet a whole variety of needs: whether it’s sideboards, cabinets or teachers’ caddies with pull-out notebook trays – thanks to castors, these furnishings are always right where you need them.

The high-quality finish is, therefore, not only beautiful to look at, but also boasts genuine benefits: the flush finish to the edging means moisture cannot damage the interior material. And the rounded raised aluminium corners reduce the risk of injury if it gets a little rowdy in the classroom.

Picture: Model 4130.502 sideboard CHANGE with raised aluminium corners and 4 rubberized lockable castors, 40x164x60cm – provides space for 16 small Tidy-Boxes.

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