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subject rooms

In specialised subject rooms, A2S furniture demonstrates what it’s truly capable of: In the art room, the furniture must cope with dust and moisture. PCs have to be networked quickly and safely in the IT room, and in the music room, various instruments require different chairs.

The library also requires special bookshelves and workstations. A2S provides practical yet sophisticated solutions for all of these rooms, which meet the highest GS-approved quality standards. 

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Making learning on the PC fun. And not a pain in the back.
For people working on computers in offices there are many ideas around for efficient and healthier working. With our solutions for IT workstations, we can now transfer these innovations to the classroom. It‘s never too early to start sitting healthy.

In the middle of the school. And yet worlds away.
A well-stocked library makes browsing, working and researching inviting. However, of equal importance are the furnishings, to create an atmosphere of study, learning, and excitement.

Perfect for budding Rock Stars. And Mozart's Nachtmusik.
A good music room does more than just absorb sound – a whole orchestra needs to feel just as at home as singing students here.
Our combination of Flex with writing tablet and the new multipurpose board system takes care of this.

Here only one thing is off-limits: limits.
In the art education room, children can let their creativity run wild. Flexible, durable furniture allows them to do this.
Like our sturdy easels, for instance, which are easy to adjust and also can handle wet clay and water.