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Thin layers of veneer for PAGHOLZ® are painstakingly prepared: they are inspected for quality, then dyed and soaked in resin. Only then do we press them into the desired shape with the application of heat and up to 2,000 tonnes of pressure.

chemical and mechanical resistant
chemical and mechanical resistant

PAGHOLZ® provides the natural appearance of solid wood and much more. And you can be sure of this: we only use native beech trees from stock that are carefully replanted. And, of course, all PAGHOLZ® products are especially durable and recycable.

This makes PAGHOLZ® special:

  1. keeps its shape beautifully
  2. high level of scratch- and wear-resistance
  3. resistant to breaking and impacts
  4. stain and abrasion-resistant
  5. lightfast and chemically stable

What means for you: an easy to clean and inflammable self-extinguishing material that can even be weather-proofed with special resins.

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Flush lasered edging

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Furniture for educational institutions has to be especially robust. Thanks to innovative laser technology, our surfaces and edges are connected to each other without any visible seams.

We developed a new finishing method for surface edging, both for square panel edging and rounded table and desktop edging: the flush lasered edge. In this method, edges are welded directly onto the tabletop using laser technology, leaving them flush and extremely hard-wearing.

  1. flush lasered edging
  2. conventional glued edging

The benefit for you: no more visible glued joints that could come away from the edges. And thanks to the flush edging, these pieces of furniture are also especially durable and resistant to moisture, especially water vapour – practical for art class, for example.

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The benefits

  • prevents capillary action
  • higher heat resistance (120° C)
  • low levels of swelling and shrinking
  • no gaps = less dirt/fewer bacteria
  • high adhesion with mechanical fixing
  • seamless joints look better
  • highly light resistant
  • environmentally-friendly manufacture

Our lasered edges are finished in the same colour as the tabletop as standard

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Solid wood edging


Whether they’re flush or profiled edge bands – our solid beech edges are sure to impress.

Solid wood edging is firmly glued to the particle board, looks high-quality and protects the highly exposed tabletop edges. For those with the highest standards, we offer our profiled edges – in this case, the particle board is additionally coated on both sides with a 0.8 mm thick HPL strip. This wear-, scratch- and impact-resistant HPL coating is flame-retardant and food-safe, and also environmentally-friendly thanks to the sustainable origin of the raw materials.

And by the way: the profiled edges can be milled in custom designs.

  1. flush band
  2. crowned profile
  3. Softline profile band

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A development we are particularly proud of: the first ever moulded-on table edging.

With the ASSODUR® edging the elastic polyurethane edging is cast in liquid form onto the table edge, using a metal mould. This strong bond with the tabletop itself gives it a particularly durable connection to the particle board. All four colours of the ASSODUR® edging are free from PVC and especially resistant to abrasion and impact.

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Our tabletops have to withstand a lot, every day. That’s why we pack them with outstanding features.

Special resins ensure break-resistant quality for our MDF laminates. We compress the upper and lower layer of heard-wearing, melamine resin-coated finish layer onto the board, applying high levels of pressure and heat in a metal mould. This makes the Woodmark® surfaces highly resistant to abrasion, scratches and impact. Thanks to the A2S surface texture, they are anti-glare and easy to clean. Rounded edges reduce the risk of injury.

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Discover Woodplac® – with a sturdy core of solid beech Multiplex and elegant genuine wood sliced veneers.

Our Woodplac® tabletops made from solid beech Multiplex come covered with finishing layers or with optional genuine wood sliced veneers for an elegant look.
The surface is always covered with multiple layers of melamine resin making them especially resistant to wear, scratches and impact. The anti-static, splinter-free and anti-glare tabletops with gently rounded edges are less susceptible to potential damage and reduce the risk of injury.

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Tabletop finishes


Great: creative students. Even better: a tabletop that keeps up with them.

When students let off some steam, the tables they sit at need to be especially resistant to wear, scratches and impact. For exactly this reason, we cover all our tabletops made from particle board with a standard A2S finish with several layers of a robust melamine resin. This way, school furniture not only withstands the rough and tumble of everyday school life, it‘s also easy to clean and largely anti-glare.

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Students are active all day. Good thing there's 3-component floorsafe® floor protectors.

floorsafe® reduces damage to the floor and the risk of slipping when tilted. The significantly reduced noise level is not only easier on the nerves, but also on the classroom floor. The top-down screws prevent scratches to the floor. And when a protector really does need replacing, it‘s quick and easy to do so.

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